Full List of Award Recipients



Awardee Accomplishment
Acheson, Edward C. Process for Artificial Production of Graphite
Bardwrell, Arthur F. Votometer
Blakey, Thos. Wilkinson and Courtenay, William Reconstructed granite as a material for insulating purposes
Blickensderfer, Geo. C. Typewriting Machine
Carney, Thomas & Patterson, J.H., Patterson, F. J. and Cook, Hugh Improvements in Cash Registers
Darling, J. D. Electrical Production of Metals and Nitric Acid from Fused Nitrates
Dobbins, Edward J. and Moffat, George Improvement in Light Projecting Glasses
Dock, Herman Tool for cutting screw threads
Gillespie, Alfred J. Voting machines
Hahl, Augustus L. Improved pneumatic clock
Haines, Albert B., Jr. Automatic Micrometer rolling mill plate gauge
Hakewessel, Reinhold and Hehn, Edward Automatic screws and metal working machines
Humphrey, Frank A. Improvements in circular saw machine
Kneass, Strickland L. Improvements in injectors
Mershon, Ralph D. Potential indicator or compensator
Morse, Everett F. Drive chain
Richards, Joseph Balance for testing white metal alloys
Shimer, Porter W. Combustion crucible


Awardee Accomplishment
Adt, John B. Tobacco cutting machine
Bradley, Andrew J. Stencil machine
Hammer, William J. Telephone relay
Hermann, Henry O. Star ventilator
Rites, F.M. Shaft governors
Walsh, Edward M. and Walsh, Sydney D. Method of making large objects from adventurine glass


Awardee Accomplishment
Burger, Henri Photo-Polychrome Printing Press
Claude, Georges, N, A., Hess, Geo. Albert and Fouche, Edmondand System of Storing and Transporting Acetylene
Cross, William A. Horizontal Folding Doors
Duncan, J. S. Addressograph
Ihlder, John D. Norman P. Otis, Rudolph C. Smith and August Sundt Electric Elevator for Private Residences
Morse, Everett F. Heat Gauge
Lewis, Wilfred, Tabor, Harris and Mumford, Edgar Improvements in Molding Machine
Lincoln, Paul M. Synchronism Indicator
Leonard, H. Ward System of Electric Motor Control
McCurdy, Arthur W. Kodak Developing Machine
Mellor, L. Bancroft Device for Measuring and Recording the Diameter of Tubes
Reagan, James Improved Grate Bar
Sachs, Joseph Enclosed Fuse Protection
Schellenbach, Wm. L. System of Gearing
Stieringer, Lurther Improvement in the art of electrical illumination
Talbot, Benjamin Method of Manufacturing Open Hearth Steal
Taylor, Charles M., Jr. Butter Making Process
Wirt, Charles E. Electric Rheostat


Awardee Accomplishment
Brill, John A. Convertible and Semi-Convertible Cars
Burrows, Amose Feed Water Regulator
Campbell, Charles H. and Campbell, Pearl T. Reconstructed Milk
Doble, Wm. A Improvement in the form of baskets for tengential water wheels
Dodge, James M. Coal storage structure
Heany, John Allen Enclosed arc lamp
Ives, Frederick B Parallax Stereogram
Jones, Evan William Underfeed Stoker
Lattig, J. William Automatic Electric Semaphore Signal
Nichols, H.B. and Voynow, C.B. Cast zinc joint for railroad bonding
See, Horace Hydro-Pneunitic Ash Ejector
Wheeler, Schuyler S. Dr. Electric Buzz Man


Awardee Accomplishment
Browning, John M. Automatic pistols
Furbish, Zachary T. Ratchet or yankee tools
Kurtz, David J. Process of electrically welding heads in caps and screw bolts
Loss, Henrick V. Hydraulically forged steel car wheels
Moore, Lee C. Wire testing machine
Parkinson, Edward Knitting machine
Rondinella, Lino F. Photo-printing machine
Semple, John Bonner Sheel torch or tracer
Wehnelt, A. Dr. Interrupter for induction coils


Awardee Accomplishment
Chenoweth, Alexander C. Concrete Pile
Eldred, Byron E. Process of flame regulation
Hallowell, Howard T. Pressed Steel Shaft Hangers
Heraeus, W . C. Quartz gloss mercury lamp
Ives, Frederick E. Improved replica of the Rowland Difraction Grating
Nernst Lamp Co. Impts. in So-called Nernst Lamp
Reed, Chas. J. Speed-Jack.
Schmidt, Max E. Moving platforms
Walters, Dr. B. Schaltung


Awardee Accomplishment
Ewing, James A. and Waiter, Louis H. Mode of Detecting Electrical Oscillations
Frahn, Hermann Speed Indicator, Frequency Teller and Revolution Center
Lovekin, Luther D. Process for Relieving Forces due to Inertia and Weight of Valve Gears
Palmer, Frederick S., Tirell, J.P. III and Reynolds, R. Monarch Engine Stop and Speed Limit System
Sargent, Chas. B. Complete expansion gas engine


Awardee Accomplishment
Ballentine, William I. Process of testing the hardness and density of metals
Heraeus, W. C. Improvements in the LeChatelier Pyrometer
Herr, Horace A. Improvement in presses for the extraction of liquids
Pfatischer, Mathiss Variable Speedmotor
Wood, Robert W. Diffraction color photographs and process for making same


Awardee Accomplishment
Wetzel, Frank J. Improvements in Automatic Stokers


Awardee Accomplishment
Baekland, Leo H. Dr. Bakelight
Jewell, Major R., Kelley, Dr. John P. and Powers, Timothy Electrical Piano Players


Awardee Accomplishment
Behrend, Bernard Arthur High speed electric generators
Colby, Edward Allen Electric furnace for melting metals
Moore, D. McFarlan Vacuum tube electric light
Shore, Albert F Scalerescope
Welin, Axel Quadrant Davit


Awardee Accomplishment
Cowper, Coles Sherard Process for depositing metals on metallic surfaces
Dietz, Gustava High speed between lens photographic shutter
Downes, Louis W. Profess of and machinery for insulating magnet wire with asbestos


Awardee Accomplishment
Alger, Harley Clifford Liquid Measurer
Ellis, Halcom Adding Typewriter
Jenkins, C. Francis Motion Picture Machine
McKee, Milton A. Printing Plate and Process of Preparing the same


Awardee Accomplishment
Batdorf, Chas . S. Coin counting and wrapping machine
Guillaume, Chas. Edward Alloy Invar
Higgins, Aldus C. Electric Furnaces in which Alundum is made commercially
Jacobs, Chas . B. Process of Producing a new Abrasive Refractory Material Alundum
Kent, Arthur Atwater Unisparker
Rena, Jesse W. Inclined Elevator or Escalator
Spielman, Adolph Cloth Cutting Machine
Tirrell, Allen A Automatic Potential Regulator


Awardee Accomplishment
Anderson, Harold N. Gear Rolling Machine
Goldberg, Hyman E. Calculating Attachment for Typewriters (Also John C. Wahl)
Hardinge, H. W. Conical Mill
Humphrey, Herbert Alfred Humphrey Pump (Also Alberto Cerasoli)


Awardee Accomplishment
Akeley, Carl E. Cement Gun
Dorr, John V. N. Classifier Thickener and Agitator
Hanson, Hans Invention Embodied in John Underwood & Co. 's Combined Typewriting and Calculating Machine (Also Fred A. Hart).
Street, Clement F. Locomotive Stoker


Awardee Accomplishment
Bilyeao, Thomas International Money Machine
McCall, Thomas A. Hooven Automatic Typewriter
Schoop, Max Ulrich Schoop Metal Spraying Process
Tattersall, Alfred Rishworth Midget Marvel Flour Mill
Yeomans, Lucien I. Method of Machine Construction


Awardee Accomplishment
Dressler, Conrad D'Huc Tunnel Kiln
Fahy, Frank P. Permeameter
Sweetland, Ernest J. Filter Press


Awardee Accomplishment
Hartness, James M.E. Invention of high powered machine tools
Kandall, Edward C., Ph.D. Research on Thyroxin
Kenneth, Charles E., D.Sc. Research on structure of photographic images
Noguchi, Hideyo, M.D. Research on the cause and prevention of Yellow Fever


Awardee Accomplishment
Curie, Marie Skladowska Discovery of radium and the determination of its radioactive properties


Awardee Accomplishment
Duane, William, Ph.D. Research in radio-activity and of the physics of radium and x-rays
Osborne, Thomas, Ph.D. Fundamental studies on the constitution of the vegetable proteins
Fessenden, Reginald A. Invention of a reception scheme for continuous wave telegraphy as distinguished from the damped or spark system used by Marconi
Haynes, Elwood, B.S. Produced an alloy consisting of practically pure nickel and pure chromium; also an alloy named "stellite". Discovered stainless steel


Awardee Accomplishment
Day, Arthur L, Ph.D., Sc.B. Organization of the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution. Development of fine optical glass in this country (formerly derived only from Germany).
Eijkman, C J, M.D. First produced, experimentally, a disease like Beri-Beri by feeding polished rice to chickens. This work applied to man and has called attention to an unrecognized element in food and started the study of dietary disease
Aston, Francis William, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S. Development of the mass-spectrography and its use in the study of isotopes
Thomson, Sir Joseph John, O.M., F.R.S., LL.D, Ph.D, D.Sc. Development of the physics of the electron and the identification of it as the Atom of Negative Electricity
Banting, Frederick G., M.D. Research leading to a patent extract of the pancreas - Insulin
Coblentz, William W., Ph.D. Thermophiles and Radiometers for measuring stellar radiation
McCollum, Elmer Verner, Ph.D., Sc.D. Research on vitamins
Modjeski, Ralph, D.Eng. Skill and success in building large bridges


Awardee Accomplishment
Coblentz, William W., Ph.D. Thermophiles and radiometers for measuring stellar radiation
Modjeski, Ralph, D.Eng. Skill and success in building of large bridges


Awardee Accomplishment
Housekeeper, William G., E.E. Method of sealing through glass, metals having widely different expansion co-efficients -- known as "copper glass seal" and is gas tight
Norton, Charles H. Development of grinding and invention of apparatus for precision grinding
Harrison, Ross G., Ph.D., M.D. Method of tissue culture, etc.
Barber, Marshall A., Ph.D. Expert in Malaria research


Awardee Accomplishment
Earle, Ralph

Educator and Engineer

14" naval railway gun mounts and mine barrage across the North Sea, used in World War
Elman, Gustaf W.


Permalloy and its application in transmission of messages
Hayes, Harvey C., Ph.D. Sonic depth finder and other submarine signalling devices


Awardee Accomplishment
Amaral, Alfranio, Dr. Preparation of Antivenins
Hess, Alfred F., M.D. Method of producing a vitamin factor in food by ultra-violet light
Ives, Herbert E.


Electrical telephotography and television
Kneass, Strickland L. Exhaust steam injector
Knowles, Dewey DeForest Grid glow tube
Rous, Peyton, M.D. Devices and development of a filtration technique for separation from tumor cells a substance producing sarcomain fowls


Awardee Accomplishment
Evans, Herbert M, M.D. Anti-sterility vitamin
McBride, Thomas C., M.E. Locomotive feed water heater
Bovie, William T., M.D. Development of an electro-surgical apparatus
Arnold, Harold D., Ph.D. Development of the three-electride high vacuum thermonic tube


Awardee Accomplishment
DeForest, Lee

Electrical Engineer

Audio used in radio
Dubbs, Carbon P.

Chem. Eng.

Process for economically producing gasoline on a large scale
Field, Allan Bartram

Elec. Eng.

Mathematical paper on eddy currents in large slot wound conductors
Levaditi, Constantin, M.D. and Sazerac, Robert, M.D.

Both of Pasteur Institute

Joint discovery of the use of Bismuth in the treatment of Syphilis
Edison, Thomas A. Numerous inventions


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Marconi, Guglielmo Wireless telegraphy
Vauclain, Samuel M Manifold improvements in steam locomotive
Temple, Robert M. Benjamin Franklin dough mixing and kneading machine
Emery, Albert H. Mechanical device for testing materials
Peters, Orville S. Electric telemeter, a recording device for noting the stresses in bridge members, etc.
Kingsbury, Albert Thrust bearing for use in ships and heavy machinery
Herr, Herbert T. Miscellaneous inventions and discoveries in the field of reduction gearing used in connection with the turbo-electric drive; for the air-brake for checking speed of trains; for improvements in steam turbins and internal combustion engine
Drinker, Philip Shaw, Louis A. Apparatus for administration of artificial respiration
de la Cierva, Juan and Pitcairn, Harold F. Invention of the autogiro, its improvement and development as a propelling and stabilizing force for "heavier than air" craft, and its introduction into America
Carrier, Willis H. Apparatus for air conditioning


Awardee Accomplishment
Budd, Edward G. A novel method of welding, designated shot welding of stainless steel, and its fabrication into structural members of very light weight and high sustaining power
Emerson, George H Water tube fire box boilers for steam locomotive
Emmet, W.L.R. Mercury vapor boiler and its practical application for power purposes
Slepian, Joseph Discoveries in the field of deionization of gases and fundamental and outstanding inventions involving these discoveries


Awardee Accomplishment
Conrad, Frank Dr. Application of short wave radio
Minot, George Richards, M.D. Liver cure in pernicious anemia
Nesson, C.R., Galson, H.L., Heller, H.C. and Steinfeld, H.K. Production of the Dela Vergne airconditioning apparatus


Awardee Accomplishment
Mehl, Robert F. Dr. Radiography of metals
Richards, A. Newton Function of the kidneys
Tesla, Nikola Dr. Polyphase system of generating, transmitting, distributing and utilizing electricity


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Kettering, Charles F. Invention of the first electrical-mechanical self starter for use in connection with automobiles
Kelley, George S. Invention of the Kelley dust trap used in the prevention of Silicosis
Ewing, James M.D. Pioneer work in classifying tumors, a discovery of incalculable value in the treatment of malignant growths


Awardee Accomplishment
Graham, Evarts A. Dr. Application of the X-Ray in the treatment of the gall bladder
Coolidge, W.D. Dr. Application of new principle in x-ray tubes
Langmuir, Irving Dr. Physical-chemical discoveries resulting in improved incandescent lamps


Awardee Accomplishment
Stanley, Wendell M. Isolation of the tobacco mosaic virus in crystalline form
Land, Edwin H. Invention of a substance designated "Polaroid"


No Awards Made


No Awards Made


Awardee Accomplishment
Wangensteen, Owen H., M.D. Development of syphonage treatment of intestinal obstruction


Awardee Accomplishment
Armstrong, Major Edwin H. Work in frequency modulation in radio
Williams, Robert R. Dr. Work in Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
Robinson, Samuel Murray Vice Admiral Outstanding wok in warship design and construction
Taylor, Arthur Hoyt, Dr. Important researches in application of radio to naval purposes


Awardee Accomplishment
Dandy, Walter E., M.D. Development of Ventriculography
Bush, Vannevar Development of the differential analyzer
Garand, John C. Invention of the U.S. Rifle Cal. .30 MI
Jackson, Chevalier, M.D. Devising instruments and methods useful in Bronchoscopy
Shope, Richard E. Dr. Discovery of the complex etiology of swine influenza
Stader, Otto Dr. Invention of the reduction and fixation bone splint


Awardee Accomplishment
Fleming, Sir Alexander Discovery of Penicillin


Awardee Accomplishment
Goodhue, Lyle D. Dr. Invention of aerosol insecticides
Cohn, Edwin J. Dr. Methods of yielding separated blood proteins of therapeutic value
Goodpasture, Ernest W. Dr. Growth of viruses in chick embryos
Doering, William E. Dr. and Woodward, Robert B.Dr. Total synthesis of Quinine
Schull, George H. Dr. Origination of hybrid corn


Awardee Accomplishment
Kerst, Donald W. Dr. Betatron or induction electron accelerator


Awardee Accomplishment
Seibert, Florence B. Dr.

Assoc. Prof. Biochemistry, Henry Phipps Inst

Development of the purified protein derivative of Tuberculin


Awardee Accomplishment
Tuve, Merle A., Dr.

Director, Carnegie Inst.

Development of Proximity Fuze
Kharasch, Morris S.

Prof. of Chemistry. University of Chicago

Development of organic mercurial seed disinfectant


Awardee Accomplishment
Caldwell, Frank W.

Director of Research United Aircraft Corp.

Development of controllable pitch propeller
Bennett, Harry T.

Chief Chemist, Mid Continental Petroleum Corp.

Stabilization of cracked gasoline
Story, LeRoy G., Dr. Associated with Swift & Co. stabilization of Cracked gasoline
King, Charles Glen, Dr.

Scientific Director, The Nutrition Foundation, Inc

Isolation and identification of Vitamin C
Waksman, Selman A., Dr.

Prof of Microbiology, Rutgers University

Discovery and development of Streptomycin


No Awards Made